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I like reading about the experiences of people on this site I thought it was time to share some of mine. This happened a few years now, but it was the first in a series of new experiences. I changed the name, but that is absolutely correct. in my twenty five years I was a girl named Kay. A tall blonde, plump it was a real eye-catcher. We met in college and have been together for four years. We started as good friends and then had a full on relationship - where sex was always great. Although Kay started with less experience than me, I always enjoy new experiences and always willing, very adventurous. She loved dressing (my long legs, incredible, incredible, saw in crosscuntry stockings and suspenders ), and often let me fuck her in places where they could ' get caught '. She was masturbating in a theater filled with a time Well, it was only a matter of time before we started this now boundries of our desire - especially when I started againcertain books ccommend her to fully open with a description of sexual crosscuntry experimentation ( threesomes, bi -band, etc. ) and when I asked how is the response crosscuntry was always positive. This led to some morbid fantasy bedroom of ' other people' who performed with us and I was determined to make a way, fantasy to reality, as I'm sure Kay would be for them to find. In retrospect, I'm not sure why ask not only, but I think a bit of excitement was the fact that when going to happen, it would be something I ochestrate for them. was a tradition among a group of freinds of mine, between Christmas and New Year in a house of our friend Mike to meet with a little pee. I crosscuntry always ended Messey years had passed and I often wake up to your living room floor in a fit state. This particular year I decided to take Kay with me and planned to stay up to Mike's house with her. We have sleeping bags and a lot of alcohol. This year, he became a very big house party, but we managed to bag the living room for us at the end of the night and fell into drunken night in our sleeping bags. I woke up the next morning feeling very dizzy and Kay took my cock in his sleeping bag. That has been embedded in the neck crosscuntry and whisper breathed with difficulty, that I loved it. I started to finger her pussy and things in motion long before, when he suddenly opened the door to the room and go Mike. Of course I could not see what was happening under the covers, but I felt my cock very hard, as in the chat when I was using two fingers had my girls dripping hole, and she was still squeezing my hard race. As Mike Kay was talking I kept finger fucking crosscuntry and I was really getting off crosscuntry on a surreal it all was. Kay was very wet, and tried to see if Mike had no idea what he was doing. If it did, she hid it well. He offered to make tea and left the room. Kay almost exploded and began to rubbing her clit as I fucked her with my hands and kissing deeply. I whispered, 'If Mike knew what we were doing, it would have a hard hit. ' Kay said only, 'mmmm ' for an answer. ' Do you think it has a beautiful tail? ' I whispered (all the time playing with her) 'Would you like to see? All the big and hard ?' I said. 'MMMM,' said Kay, and she squirmed on his finger and started to cum. After run down Kay with a wide smile on his face and then made ​​a move in the bathroom. Fuck teas took me ages! If Mike has finally returned, it was not wise. I was sitting on the couch in a sleeping bag while Mike puttering around. We were the only two that were said about him, and was the promise to give us breakfast. Kay went back into the living room. She was fully clothed ! I was exhausted and convinced that 'the moment' was over and started my own clothes again. Kay sat near me on the couch as soon as Mike left the room, began to squeeze myLump in my jeans. 'You look upset,' he said. 'I am. I'm hot as hell and think I 'm going to stay that way for long. ' ' Poor you,' he said, 'Let me help you. ' Began with these words, my hardness through my jeans rubbing . I started her large breasts through her ​​top and then rub reached under her, and that one of her bra cup and took her hard nipple in my mouth. I tounging and suck when Mike returned to the room. I saw with my girlfriend's tits in my mouth and saw that my friend was there with his mouth open. All at once 'frozen. ' Kay made ​​no attempt to move and had a firm grip on crosscuntry my dick in my jeans. After what was a time Mike turned on crosscuntry his heel and went upstairs - without saying a word that was Kay suction and top off her bra and removed. Now she was topless and her boobs I was at a party. 'Call him,' she said between crosscuntry mouth fulls. To my surprise, she did. 'Mike can come here a minute please. ' Moments later, Mike comrunning down the stairs and breaks into the living room, but this time wearing only his underpants ! You can imagine my relief in crosscuntry sight ! 'Can you crosscuntry give us a hand,' Kay said, and lifted her crosscuntry right breast and nipple erect it. Mike literally jumped on the bed and started sucking and sucking on her nipples while I was there the same as everyone else. I crosscuntry must say crosscuntry that my cock was bursting through my pants and I opened it, and Kay lost the ball with one hand. I could see I had to pack in for Mike as well and I was quite surprised when she pulled out a monster cock in his pants. At least 9 '- was thick and untrimmed it would be of medium size, but quite thick ( and cut ) Kay began pumping our cocks, but I realized I was in awe in front of Mike erection... the atmosphere was electric and had never been in, turned before. I could say that Kay was really the feeling of enjoying two hard cocks glittering in his hand. As I have not cum I do not know ! Mike said of soon:' I can lick her pussy. ' I almost laughed, it was so polite and so serious. Kay looked at me and started giglled and jeans. I positioned myself so that she could hope whist Mike came to work on her pussy. Mike began to get into it and it was really licking pussy and work in their guttural instructions. She was really pulling my cock and sucked me hard and I fought every urge to cum in her mouth. At one point she stopped sucking and tail - the head of the tongue, that looked at me and smiled, and then mouth the words ' thank you'. Mike did cum and then stood up. His cock was huge and Kay got on all fours. Mike moved behind her and started rubbing crosscuntry his cock along her slit. He looked into my eyes and nodded crosscuntry her head and pulled forward pushed her wet hole purple. Kay has a deep groan noise while slowly pushed into it. I moved, so was under it, and had a good viewMike 's cock sliding in and out of it. Kay began to devour my cock. Kay 69'ing were effective on top of me and started licking her clit as Mike 's cock slipped inside and outside the rabbit hole in the stationary solid lines. was totally immersed in the moment and began to lick her pussy and the bottom of Mike 's cock as it pumps crosscuntry my girlfriend was the hole. Both were verbally at this time and Mike said the most urgent. A couple of times down the cock from her pussy and landed in my mouth. That was salty and harder than I expected, but instead repullsed was enabled on the feel of a cock in my mouth and tongue. I left the texture and taste of the vagina and penis in my mouth and I felt I was about to end. Kay then began to fly with her ​​moans, he stopped at a frantic shout and pumps his cock and began to shake as Mike pumped pussy cum Kay. Of course, in turn completely explodes in KaysHis mouth was at this time and felt like crosscuntry a bucket of slime you just cum in her mouth. We were completely exhausted and stacked in a heap on the couch. was a life changing moment, and I knew that Kay and I had another dimension eneterd in our sexual relationship. It was the first of several meetings with Mike (and subsequent meetings I had with Mike and his girlfreind ). If we are told at home in bed, Kay about how I felt about myself accidentally Mike 's cock in her mouth. Kay touched to the ear and pressed gently cupping my balls and whispered. 'I 'd like to see with suction ' But that's another story for another time.
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